1 Jun 2012

Candy Hair

If the candy colours trend is still going strong, then why not try this trend on your hair?'
 Ok. So maybe not... but I bet a little inspiration wouldn't hurt, so I hope you stay for a while.
This idea is now becoming very popular and now light shades of blues, pinks, purple and greens can be seen in the hair of many celebrities, on the runway, in editorials and in street fashion blogs and websites. And so here is some inspiration I've gathered to feed you need for candy.. colours!

 The washed out pink blended really well with Katy Perry's blonde hair. What's cool is that the colour is not so bold but has a very nice feminine touch to her look.
Dakota fanning did it a bit differently, instead of having the pink on the roots of the hair, she went for the pop of colour on the tips of her blond locks.
Rachel McAdams used this trend very nicely by only dying her hair in small strips. So pretty and for those who are scared about the dying all their hair pink, I say - start like this!
Here again we see that Lauren Conrad chose to use the pink only on the tips of her hair. The pink and the curls make the look even more girlie.

Blue + Green
Jaime King dyed her hair in a degrade of blue hues, leaving only the top of her head blonde.
This is a bit more daring and not many of us would go for this bold look but I just loved how it looks with the curls and had to share this look.
Kate Bosworth was one of the first to use the candy hair! The faded green was very modern but questionable. Not one of my favourite colours for hair but Ok this does looks good on her. 

As purple being one of my favourite colours, I could have not forgotten the gorgeous hair styles in this shade. Kelly Osbourne has always loved coloured hair and this probably one of her best ones.
When we're talking about unnatural hair colours you are sure to find many backstage on runway shows or in photoshoots for magazines like the bottom left pictures, which was featured in Marie Claire Australia, June 2012 issue. 

What do you have to say about the many shades of candy hair?

pictures via  weheartit and pinterest  
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  1. I love Kate Bosworth's dipdyed hair. And that last picture makes want to dye my hair in that gorgeous lavender colour xoxo


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