24 Jul 2012

Get inspired: Wedge Sneakers

The first wedge sneakers were created by the designer Isabel Marant in 2011. At the start many were unsure about this idea but with time these sneakers have become very popular and can now be spotted as part of many peoples' wardrobe. It is amazing how these sneakers with hidden heels can be fashionable and look very casual. You can gain some 3 inches without it even looking like you are trying! As well as that it has gained very positive responses of being super comfy.   

So here are some of my favourite street style looks with these sneaky sneakers.                                 

So if you are anything like me, you may be daydreaming of owning a pair (if only a students allowances allowed for Isabel Marant splurges). However, that doesn't have to stay that way! There are a ton of different shops selling similar pairs for quite an affordable price.
One of these is Zalora.

ZALORA sneakers
All item links here

They sell an array of different shoes, wedge sneakers included. So above are some of my favourites. With the 'Radiant Orchid' purple frayed one being my favourite. This sneaker would be a perfect way to include the 2014 Pantone colour of the year into my closet in such a fun and easy way.

outfit pics via lookbook.nu

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