2 Jul 2012

Summer Sunglasses

As well as clothes, accessories also change during the seasons. So without any further ado here are some of  the types and shapes of shades you can expect to see this summer and some of our favourite celebs rocking them.


This is one of the oldest style of sunglasses in the book. In the early days these were worn by mostly men but these days the girls are rocking these shade the same way the guys are.When choosing aviator sunglasses you can go for a  brown frame like Miley's or a metallic one like the other celebs.


The heart shaped sunglasses are perfect for summer as they are so cute and fun. When choosing your heart shaped shades go for a softer, more delicate and thinner frame like the ones of Dianna Agron, Vanessa Hudgens and Lady Gaga for a more every-day look.


The round sunglasses were a success in the 70s and are coming back with it all. When choosing your round shades you can think  about the size and the colour. For this, get inspired in Demi Lovato's more round glasses, Evan Rachel Wood's bold shades and the colourful ones of Mary Kate Olsen.

Cat Eye

This style of shades have been a success last year (top photos) and so is it this year (bottom photos), with many celebs such as Katy Perry, Olivia Palermo and Scarlett Johansson rocking these as well as many others such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie and Anne Hathway. When choosing your sexy cat eye sunglasses you can try colourful ones like Katy Perry's for a bold look or a pair with softer and a thinner frame like Jennifer Lopez's and Olivia Palermo for a more sexy look.


These fashionable sunglasses, which have been around since the 50s have now made a huge comeback to the closets of many celebs. As well as it being a favourite among the celebs it is one of my fav. too. When investing in your wayfarer sunglasses you can go for a more classic look like Emma Watson's and Ashley Greene's as well as Demi Lovato's and Beyonce's or a more modern one like Ashley Tisdale's.

What is your favourite style of shades?

xx- M

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