11 Aug 2012

Get inspired: Coloured Jeans

The get inspired for today is coloured jeans and this is something I've been wanting to talk about to you for a while now. I have been seeing these colourful jeans everywhere these days. It is such a big fashion trend and the good thing is that it is super fun and easy to add to your personal style.

This trend is great but there are some things to look out for. Since these jeans bring allot of attention to the legs, for girls with bigger thighs, can wear this trend paired with a more loose fitting top to balance out the look. Other than that you can go and have fun experimenting with this trend. If you are not so outgoing with colours you can keep the jeans as the centre piece of your outfit and pair it with neutral tones. However if you want to go all out with the colours you can try colour blocking with these funky jeans. To be very in-trend you can even try these in candy colours! The cute "folding the bottom of the jeans" can be great to add an extra charm.

xx- M

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