10 Aug 2012

Ways to Mix Prints (Without looking crazy)

We know how there has always been that style rule telling you to only wear one print at a time but this spring/summer trend has being doing just that - mixing prints. However if you are going to mix prints you have to be careful as to what pieces you are mixing together so you don't end up looking like a crazy lady. Therefore, here are some safe ideas of how you can mix prints and look super fashionable and chic while doing it.

Floral and Stripes

Dainty floral prints with small and hazy stripes go very well together as the free flowing nature of the floral contrasts well with the sharp look of the stripes. Try going for a more colourful floral print and a more neutral tone for the stripes as well as try and find a floral the incorporates some of the colours of the stripes to really bring the look together.

Geometric Patterns

This look can be a bit overwhelming if not done right. However as long as you mix geometric patterns which have similar colour pallets and the vary in size your outfit will look great. Ohh and don't forget - since there is so much going on with the prints, try and stick with shoes and accessories in solid colours.

Same print, Different colour

You would not usually wear the same print from head to toe but this look can work if you use varying colours to break the print monotony. A tip to keeping it modern is to wear one in a realistic print and the other in a more artful print. Also try and keep the accessories and shoes in neutral tones to balance and keep the look together.

Printed Scarf and Nautical Stripes

Light, printed scarves are a great way to add an extra print to an outfit without being too "hey look at me!" as well as it's a great way to wear two prints if you have never done so. Adding a printed scarf over nautical stripes is a perfect combination. The trick to pulling this together is to find pieces in the same colour family and keeping the shoes and accessories simple for a chic look.

Big and Small prints

This combination of one large print and a smaller on can be done with absolutely any two prints, but they work best in the combination of polka-dots and a floral prints. To pull the look together it is good to pick two prints with similar colour pallets and remember to keep the accessories to a minimum and in solid colours.

Hope this gave you some inspiration and ideas of how to wear this trend right. Comment telling me which is your favourite way to mix prints, I would love to hear from you.

xx- M

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