25 Jan 2013

All White | Spring/Summer 2013

Flawless in white: streetfsn

After the overwhelming sea of prints and patterns in Fall/Winter collections in 2012, ranging from head to toe patterns to mixing prints,we can finally take a break and enjoy the peacefulness of the minimalist colour white. I'm so glad designers have chosen to slow down and focus on the cuts and layers, fabrics and textures, the simple thing, the details that may not be noticed from a far but obvious to those who look closely and take the time to appreciate the time and effort that goes into the making of each individual garment and its details. I feel that with the white as a backdrop in these garments in 2013 Spring/Summer collections the focus can really go to the design. Adding to that, these s/s collections with all-white ensembles show us how there are ways (many of which have been forgotten of and some never seen before) to stand out without ever having to think about the colour combination you are going to use or the patterns you are going to mix.

And so.. Lets talk about the details.
Victoria Beckham | Emilio Pucci | Valentino

In 2013 Spring/Summer ready to wear collections such as Valentino, Victoria Beckham and especially Emilio Pucci mystery and interest was added with the use of layering of sheer fabrics. 

Moncler Gamme Rouge | Richard Nicoll | Stella McCartney

We dive into sporty chic and futuristic looks with designers such as Moncler Gamme Rouge, Richard Nicoll and Stella McCartney that have used touches of technical mesh fabrics paired with sports-inspired structured silhouettes.

Loewe | Simone Rocha | Giles

Sharp laser cut is definitely on the rise with examples above from s/s '13 collections by Loewe, Simone Rocha and Giles. I feel as if fashion is somewhat following the high speed advanced technology world we're now living in. You may even say- with less emotion and a message being sent, but these garments are wonderfully intriguing nonetheless.

Vera Wang | Balmain | Christopher Kane

Lastly, playing with textures. From the well structured dress by Balmain with detailed design and spot-on execution mimicking a chair wicker upholstery, to the more subtle texture on the leather of the above Christopher Kane dress.

What do you think about these all white looks in s/s '13 collections? Do you have a favourite?

xx- M

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  1. I am so excited for all white ensembles, great runway looks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. Beautiful selection. I'm in love with Valentino look.


  3. I'm a fan of the minimalist look. I usually stick to black but lately I've added more white to my closet. This post gives me some more inspiration. Also that first dress is gorgeous!

  4. The Vera Wang is the prettiest but Victoria Beckham's look is the most wearable. Mariana, I am super impressed with you! Even at your (slightly) young age, you have quite a handle on understanding the fashion industry. You're a strong writer and you really know your stuff.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  5. I love all of them but Victoria Beckham is my favorite from these looks!
    xo Lily

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog... - really enjoy your style and blog... beautiful pictures... - the new looks for 2013 are fantastic... - like the style on the first pic... :)

    And to answer your question... - yes I am coming to Singapore next week... - staying near Orchard Road and on Sentosa Island :) and will write about it... :)

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    Vanessa - PureGlam.tv

  7. I love your blog and this was a great post! The pictures you included in this post were gorgeous and provided great fashion inspiration! Keep up the great work & I look forward to seeing what you post next.

    Check out my blog: www.fashionandbeautyinc.blogspot.com


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