13 Jan 2013

January Wishlist

Having just started the year you would think that my January wishlist would be quite empty (with Christmas presents and all). However while inquisitively browsing though hundreds of products you can sure bet I found items worth adding to my wishlist. While many of these could someday reside in my closet...many,  lets just say, will have to wait for now. But as it being the start of this new year, I would say that dreaming big isn't such a bad thing, don't you think? 

1.Topshop dress: As of last year I have loved trying to incorporate more patters and prints into my style, which is usually quite simple, and so that's why I loved this classic with a twist dress.

2.NARS lipstick: Loving neutral and natural makeup looks, this gorgeous peach NARS lipstick had to be added into my list.

3.Céline bag: From the moment I lay eyes on the leather goods section on the Celine website it was like love at first sight (excuse how cliché this sounds) their bags have been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember! Especially the more simple and uni-colour ones.

4.Asthetiques necklace: As well as trying to have more fun with patterns, I have also tried to include a few more statement pieces into my style, similar to this stunning chain necklace.

5.missselfridge shirt: Being a huge fan of simple graphic t-shirts as well as having a long dream of someday visiting New York city this t is definitely something I would love to own.

6.Lauren Conrad book Beauty: Having flipped through some of the pages of this book online (and loved), I can't wait to go to a book store and get a copy of my own.

7.Butterlondon nail polish: Selflessly indulging into the world of nail polishes and nail art in the previous year, I have tried out many different brands of nail lacquers with some exceptions like Butterlondon witch I have been dying to try out. And so, I think picking one of my favourite shades by the brand was quite appropriate for my list.

8.H&M skirt: As you may have seen in my November Wishlist I adore leather pieces, even though sadly I don't own any (yet!). Adding to that I find that this skater skirt could be very versatile and perfect for creating looks in between edgy and girly.

9.zeroUV sunglasses: I've always stuck with my wayfarer style sunglasses and so if there is a appropriate time to try something different, like these unique pair of round cat-eye shades, I would have to think that now is that time. 

10.asos Ballerina Flats: I could't contain my abundant love for flats and had to add pair in. I absolutely adore the style of these asos ones.

Are any of these in your wishlist? Are there any pieces you think I should have added in? 

xx- M

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  1. I love love love all of these picks - I'm trying to be good buy you've made me want more! haha :)

    Holly x


  2. I love the dress and the skirt, great picks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. In love! After seeing this wishlist, I want everything on it too :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  4. You have so many great picks here. I'm totally in love with the accessories!

  5. I say always dream big! You have some fun things on here. I might have to add some to my birthday wish list. Especially that Celine bag and leather skirt.


  6. I love the H&M skirt and Topshop dress :> And you can never go wrong with Celine ;)

  7. The Celine bag has been on my wish list for eons now! I am obsessed with the white, brown and red version!


  8. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  9. I love the list, would definitely want these for myself. Check out my blog, too, if you like maybe we can follow eachothe :)


  10. love this post ;)
    kisses pretty

  11. I LOVE those sunglasses and I love that dress, too.

    I just stumbled upon your blog on Bloglovin and I'm so glad I did. I'm following you now!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  12. Love the Celine and the necklace! You seem to have great style!Ohh you can stop by my blog anytime!


  13. I love the leather skirt! So much want. I heard some negative things about butterlondon nailpolish though, supposedly it smells very strong?

  14. Love everything you've choses.


  15. This beige flats are to die for!!!

  16. Oh I wanna everything;)


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