9 Feb 2013

February Wishlist

By looking at my February wishlist you must be thinking- Mariana, you must really be getting into that Spring mood. And that wouldn't be wrong, as here in Singapore the weather is spring summer all year round you can almost always guess what kind of items I'll be wishing for...

1. Pink Lipstick: If you've seen my last post you now know that I really want to start wearing more bright lip colours and so I could not leave out  from my wishlist this one from Topshop.
2. Floral print Dress: I currently own very few dresses and even less printed ones and so I think it is about time to go some retailers, which are now changing their stocks to more spring summer appropriate clothing, and pick up a printed one.
3. Flat sandals: A girl can never have enough shoes, and with that said, I think it's about time to get myself a new pair of open-toe sandals. 
4. Denim vest: What goes so well with this spring mood? Denim vests, of course! Loving the detail with the studs on this Gina Tricot one.
5. Cat face ring: I'm loving cute rings like this at the moment. I can't go on a day of shopping with the girls without coming back with one (or two, or three..)
6. Necklace: Still on the search of a perfect statement necklace.
7. Sling Bag: Loving the classic but still modern look to this Alexander Wang bag. A girl can dream...
8. Alpine Snow nail polish:  I'm in need to update my nail polish collection with a shade of white to work as a base for some upcoming nail art. You can see the latest one I did on my twitter.
9. NIKE free run: I'm absolutely loving the sporty chic trend, aren't you? And so having these would be so amazing. For both- my running training and for pairing it for some more fashionable ensembles.
10. Striped shorts: Vertical stripes are on a rise. They are absolutely everywhere, from magazines articles to style blogs, from high fashion designers to high street retailers - and I'm ecstatic about it! Can't wait to go and add some more striped pieces for my closet. 

What do you think about this months wishlist?  What's your favourite item?

xx- M

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  1. I really like this look, especially the dress. It's just pretty.


  2. This post is totally my style. I'm obsessed with stripes, and the vest over the flirty dress is the perfect way to keep the look more casual

  3. gorgeous selections sweetie! thanks for ur visit to my FB page :D stya in touch!!

  4. I love the denim vest!!! xoxo


  5. I seriously need to go and purchase some topshop lipsticks!

  6. I love everything about this wishlist ! :) I really wanted this ring but it was sold out in asos france :( I'll try in this one ! The dress is so cute by the way.
    I followed you on GFC, i'm in love with your blog ! :)

  7. I love that floral printed dress,it's so cute!
    xo Lily


  8. The sporty chic trend is amazing (not only because I can wear trainers/joggers without being called a chav hahaha). The sandals look lovely :)


  9. hey girl thanks for ur visit..followed u on google plus do come back :D

  10. I really like this wish list. If I had to pick from it I would definitely choose 1, 7 and 10. :) I would like it all though.

  11. I'm not a sandals person, but I actually quite like these ones! The gold detailing is really nice.

  12. Now I have to add on to on to my own wishlist because I love everything on yours! I really like reading all of your posts and have followed and will be coming back to see more :)


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