16 Feb 2013

How to wear: Sneakers

Some time ago sneakers would have been something you would only see in the gym or you may have received some funny looks if you did otherwise. However this way of perceiving sneakers has definitely changed (for the better!). With sneakers now appearing on runways, street style as well as style blogs, we can now say that it is completely acceptable to step out of the house in a pair of kicks.

Whether it is for a long day running around the city or simply a choice of comfort, sneakers will prove to be your best friend. And to avoid looking sloppy with your newly found bff, here are three ways to wear sneakers fashionably:

Pair it with a skirt or dress. 
As you can see from the ensembles above, by pairing you sneakers with a skirt or dress will immediately dress up your overall look. To balance things out do go and pair it with another casual piece, be a baseball cap or a slouchy shirt, it all works!

 Pair it with some pants. 
As you may have noticed , the same principal goes for pairing your kicks with pants. You add some high fashion pieces - an intricately detailed jacket, maybe even some fur and then add that sprinkle of casual with a graphic t shit and there you go!

Last but not least, pair it with shorts.
For this one I would have to say that as long as you don't wear your gym shorts, you're good to go. Add on a well tailored blazer or even a leather jacket and voilĂ  there you go!

Are you a fan of wearing sneakers outside the gym?
Which is your favourite way to pair them?
xx- M

Photos via  lookbook.nu and streetpeeper 

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  1. I like this trend. The outfits of the second selection are definitely my favorites. Kiss.

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  2. I loved your tips. And my favorite is the second selection. The first of the third selection is also so cute! kiss

  3. i love this trend! the pics are great! x

  4. I love how sporty these looks are!

  5. I'm not generally a big fan of sneakers, but I loved all of your useful advice which has made me want to use sneakers now!

    Great post Mariana!

    I have a new post up on my blog and would love to hear your thoughts!

  6. I'm a huge fan of sneakers, I don't wear them often though but it's great to be able to wear them on a relax day!

  7. that trend is soo amazing:) adooore them with dresses!
    lots and lots of love

  8. sneakers are so comfy love them !! nice blog i follow you on gfc
    have a look on my blog

  9. Great post.. Didn't know sneakers would look so fashionable.

    Would you like to follow each other?


  10. I like the chic look with sneakers.

  11. I love all the outfits from 3.

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  12. I love wearing sneakers of of the gym!
    Really like numer 2 & 3, love love love :)

  13. Really fab post. It's helpful for people who really don't wear kicks a lot or don't know how to dress them up. I believe it really takes some style to make kicks high fashion. Great post really.


  14. I think it look best with shorts. I love the first one in number 3. Yay black sneakers!


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