9 Mar 2013

March Wishlist

Is it just me or is the months flying by? I was really taken aback when I looked at my calendar and it was already March. I guess that's just me being upper busy with school and all. (maybe explaining the lack of posts lately.) But that is no excuse and so here in this post you'll find (what you probably have guessed by the title) the things I'm coveting for this month. 

1.Distressed boyfriend jeans: I've been eyeing distressed boyfriend jeans ever since I started to see them in style blogs and the fact the I've never owned anything majorly distressed, has gotten these distressed boyfriend jeans on my list. 

2.Clear statement sunglasses: I don't think I have ever mentioned it but I absolutely love statement sunglasses. As much as some simple plain black framed sunglasses are supper versatile, I can't say no to some unique stand-out ones like these.

3.Xbox 360 Party Classics karaoke: Well maybe one of the reasons for the lack in post may also be due to me being addicted to some Xbox 360 karaoke games. In fact, I'm writing this as I'm waiting for my turn to sing.

4.Chanel 511 Pearl Drop nail polish: As you may have seen from last months post, I have been loving lighter, nude nail polish shades. And yes I could of chosen a shade in a more affordable brand than this, but you know.. everything is better in Chanel!

5.Grey T-shirt dress: Just after the little black dress I find that t-shit dresses are the some of the most functional pieces you can have in your wardrobe. You can simply do so much with them.

6.Skinny watch: You will usually find me wearing my Ipod nano as a watch for most of the time but I've been also searching for a a more classic watch to pair with more formal events. Skinny, black leather, round classic watch? Yes please!

7.Burgundy slipper: My mother calls them grandma shoes but I still stick to my opinion that I absolutely love these!

8.Leather Satchel: After talking about my love affair with Céline bags, I have to talk about how I've been coveting this style of satchels for so long now. I really have a thing for structured bags and the design on this Dr Martens one is spot on. 

 What's your favourite item in this months wishlist?
What is in your wishlist?

xx- M

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  1. I'm feeling the t-shirt dress, the watch, and the boyfriend jeans. I really want a pair that are super baggy. I might just have to venture in the boy's section.


  2. loved the boyfriend jeans, loafers and satchel !


  3. Love your wishlist! I really like the boyfriends jeans, sunglasses, and loafers :)

  4. Chanel is heaven. Love the watch too.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



  5. Love this wishlist!


  6. Nice wishlist. I hope that I can have all those stuffs. :)

    Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!


  7. I'm looking for a pair of slippers, too. Those are lovely :)

  8. Like your picks a lot :)

    I just bumped into your blog and I really love what you're having here! So you got yourself a new follower :)

    If you would like to check mine here is the link: http://beneaththecoat.blogspot.com


  9. I love karaoke! I have a Wii...I haven't seen any good karaoke games for Wii yet.



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