29 Apr 2013

Blogger Q&A with Michelle Ho

It's time for this months blogger Q&A! In this month's post you'll get an insight into the world of the fashion blogger Michelle Ho, from the blog bemyself. This gorgeous girl from Los Angeles has got style to spare and documents her travel and fashion adventures on her blog. 
So read on and get to know her a little bit better, from her dream career to the 5 things she can't live without

1. What inspired you start blogging? 
 When I started getting interested in photography, I thought I could do something different by posting my photos like how other bloggers did. And since I'm into fashion too, I started posting my outfits and sharing other stuff with my readers that inspire me.

2. What is your favourite trend at the moment?
 Favourite trend right now? Well, Floral for sure! I'm into that 90's spring floral vibe and print over print sort of thing right now! Nothing's better and fun to wear when it comes to floral!! 

3. What is your dream career? 
 I've always wanted to be a fashion designer, having my own couture and ready-to-wear clothing design by myself!! Seriously, I could actually seeing myself being all narcissist (just keep in mind that I'm a psychic) when I have that job! ;)

4. Favourite places to shop?
 Well, if you're my long time reader, you probably would already notice that most of things are from Forever 21!! haha So, my favourite place to shop would totally be Forever 21, in my opinion the clothing is affordable and very comfortable to wear! And I'm always on the sale section so things I dig out are some really great deal! 

5. What is one item currently on your wishlist? 
This Wild Devine Dress. I mean, come on! How can you not fall in love with this dreamy printed maxi dress!! 

6. What is the last book you read?
The Carrie Diaries by Candance Bushnell. It's a really interesting book overall, and although I had seen a few episodes of the show I'd say the book has much more interesting facts and personality that you could see through a character! 

7. How would you describe your personal style?
Man!! This is such a hard question. Trust me, if you're an avid reader, you don't think you know the answer too! Ok, well! My style changes overtime, not like it depends on my mood! It's like sometimes, you see me dressing sort of vintage-esque; sometimes you see me dressing all gothic-esque; and sometimes I could be a modern-day teenager! So, I would say my style is variable since I dress differently all the time! 

8. What are 5 things you cannot live without?
 My laptop, lots of lots of water(I'm guessing I'm a mutant because I can never have enough water to stay hydrated all the time), my phone, endless-free-and-fast wifi (so I can procrastinate), and music.

9.Apart from blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Well, I like reading! I'm mostly into those weird mysteries, fantasies or maybe some real-life-teenage-girls' stories. And I also like to photograph my little sister(I like practising on shooting portraits and learning how to reflect my personality through the lens). This is her blog, you'll see my work here.

10. What are your blogging goals for this year?
This year, one of my goal is to hit 500 readers on my blog. Another one is to try producing different outfit photos on my blog, like not just those plain and same outfit photos, but photography involved photos(which I know takes lot of time but I'll try my best on that)! 

+ check out Michelle's blog here 
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  1. Lovely post Mariana! I love her effortlessly chic style and I really got to know her more through this interview. Keep up the good work!


    Latest post : http://thestyleobsessedcookie.blogspot.com/2013/04/blogger-spotlight-chelsea-lane.html

  2. She is cute! ♡

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  3. Her style is so ahhhmazing <3

  4. Cool interview :)

    xx, V


  5. You go girl,love it!;)

  6. Hi! very cool it!

    If you want we can follow each other. Just to add to my friends and I will come back to you!
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  7. Nice interview, michelle ho's style is fab!

    J <3

  8. Loving her style, thanks for the FYI will check her blog out!


  9. It's always nice to hear the opinions of other bloggers. And it was great of you to do this interview. Lovely post!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  10. ooo she sounds like an awesome blogger! ill have to go check her out!


    ♥ Ellen
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  11. i love this post , and know more blogger around the world ! nice post maria ;)


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  13. how old is she?

  14. Aww she's such a pretty girl!! Loving her style (:

  15. Great interview! Loved reading about her.

    xoxo, Veena


  16. wow cool blog u have a great eye for fashion and you so young keep up the good work gurll!!!!
    check out my blog and follow if u like !!!


  17. i love her style XD
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    we only sell korean products:D be beautiful with song of songs!


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