22 May 2013

Audi fashion festival '13 | Parco next Next

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending two different fashion shows at Audi Fashion Festival 2013. For those who don't know, it is a 5 day long fashion event in Singapore (the biggest of the year!) with an exuberant number of local and international brands showcasing their collections. One of the shows I went to was the Parco next Next. The show for this fashion incubator project, with a group of young local designers, showcased Spring Summer 2013 collections from their eight labels. 
Out of those eight labels, here are my two favourites: Lion Earl and Mash-up. 

Lion Earl ~ Moon Crust collection 
For Lionel Low's third collection, TRON movies were a great inspiration for the futuristic designs. When not in graphic prints the ensembles' colours were kept to a monochrome scheme. The sleek lines found in the bandage dresses and printed legging made the pieces somewhat resembled spacesuits and added a element of architecture to the collection. The stand-out pleated peplum piece was evident yet again after being seen in the Spring Summer 2012 Lion Earl collection. Ending the showcase of this label, the dramatic floor length dress came down the runway. The great use of black mesh material and the oversized mohawk headpiece really made this a memorable look.

Mash-up ~ Cyber Ndebele collection
Energy was high as the Mash-up show was opened by the Chilli padi derby girls which came roller blading down the runway, much to the excitement of the audience. This street wear collection was saturated with vibrant hues not to mention the prints. These included the leopard print on denim and the loud tribal inspired patterns. The graphic prints were also said to be heavily inspired by 'coded messages' and pop culture. With this, the team behind Mash-up evidently achieved what they were aiming for: a collection focused on appealing to a younger audience around the world. In addition to the print filled pieces with their bold colour pallet, transparent plastic pieces were also seen during the show, like the skater skirt layered over the graphic swimsuit or the wings (definitely resembling some Victoria's Secret pieces). Lastly, I can not forget to mention the legitimately awesome shoes which were paired with this collection. From sky high creepers to pastel coloured printed oxfords, they all perfectly complemented the overall look of the ensembles.

What are your thoughts on these collections? Which is your favourite? 

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xx- M


  1. this is so cool, what an incredible fashion opportunity!! love the swim wear

  2. Gorgeous roundup; I didn't get to go to the shows so thanks a bunch for covering them! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog too!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  3. You must have had such an amazing time! Brilliant choice of pictures to show the collections!

    Holly x

  4. The show looked absolutely amazing! Lion Earl is one of my favorites and their collection is gorgeous. It seems like the show was tons of fun!

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

  5. I love the Lion Earl mash up. What an amazing experience you've had!

  6. i heard this was great! what a unique collection. not really my style i think it's a little bit too crazy for me but definitely great for the bold outgoing girl.



  7. ohhh love this show. it looks amazing!

    xo, Carla

  8. Audi Fashion Festival 2013 is as always awesome.Just loved the collection.Moon Crust collection is something I feel the best.


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