31 May 2013

Audi fashion festival '13 | Peter Pilotto

I was a delight to witness first hand at Audi fashion festival '13 the Peter Pilotto's Fall Winter 2013 collection. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos the design duo have made an enormous impact on the fashion industry, taking it by storm in the short 5 years of the brand. From winning the emerging talent award at the British Fashion Awards in December 2009, to also gathering a celebrity following including faces like Kate Bosworth, Rihanna and Sienna Miller. The brand, reputable for their endlessly appealing prints, has reinvented this in a interesting manner for their f/w '13 collection inspired by the work of artists of the Spanish Renaissance.

The pieces, especially at the start of the show, had a certain tough aspect to them. What started with a cropped scarlet red jacket, squared off with the exaggerated shoulders, complemented with some luxurious embroidery. Bold cuts enhanced the overall appeal of the looks also paired with the solid back and white combo and the brands signature print extravaganza.
The hardness of these pieces were balanced with the clever use and positioning of the different hues and patterns. Many of which created an illusion of a smaller waist with the use of a single print or colour right at the centre of the dress (like the first and last ensembles above). Reinvention of shapes also came in the form of striking structured shoulder and neck details, adding some femininity to the collection while still keeping a strong and powerful aesthetic.
 Great focus to textures combined with their prints and structure was also very evident throughout the show. A perfect example of this are these four looks above. Starting off with the puffed jacket in the complex pattern of mixed hues. The long sleeved neutral dress in the precise neutral-toned pattern. Transitioning into the stand out pants, in cobalt blue, and sweater with a textured stitching pattern produced on it. Closing off  the sleeveless cocktail-like dress with the wavy print details done with minuscule embellishments giving it an effortless beauty.

What are your thoughts on this collections? What are your favourite looks? 

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xx- M
photos via Audi Fashion Week  // stylexstyle


  1. I'm stunned that Peter Pilotto is doing such a great job on this collection!! <3 totally an inspiration!

  2. very good collection ... at least 2 pieces of them I would love to wear... :)
    great post...I loved it...
    kisses V.


  3. i love the textures. amazing fashion show!


  4. Look like an amazing show, i really love Peter Pilotto's designs! xo


  5. Great post!
    I love Peter Pilotto's designs, are very unique and totally fab!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog;)
    let me know if u want follow each other;)
    Kisses x

  6. Oh wow u got a pretty shot on these designs!! FRONT ROW :)

  7. i think the prints are so acceptable and enviable b/c of the textures and structure. I want everything pilotto. EVERYTHING. So this post made me drool.

    great observations.


  8. WAIT. were you actually HERE!!?!?!?

    stop it
    stop it

    I think I would have cried.

    you lucky little duck.

  9. OMG! THis is an amazing collection.

    I really like your blog, and i subscribed. I hope you get the chance to check mine out and subscribe if you like.



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