27 May 2013

May Wishlist | iPhone cases

20 iPhone cases

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Being an new iPhone user has not only opened me up to a world of countless apps (not very helpful to my procrastination) but also to more phone accessories, including phone cases. They come in such a variety that you can always find something that fits your fancy as you can see from my picks above. For a starter, the prints and styles come in an infinite number of possibilities.

However, among these twenty you may have noticed quite a number of black & white coloured ones, any of which will most likely start my collection of iPhone cases. Allow me to explain- My style of clothing tends to sway to the prints and patterns but in minimal and neutral tones, like these, making these cases so me!

 We also have to touch on the pricing, which thankfully does not always requires you to break the bank, which can sometimes be especially hard not to when you are on a student's budget.

Another thing that drives me to believe I will start collecting these (almost as a hobby) is how easy it is to switch your phone's look to match your mood or how you are feeling. As we know, many things can influence the way we dress, and so, why would that also not apply to the way we accessories our phones? Maybe one day it will be a vintage floral or a minimal two-toned printed case, we'll see...

 Of these 20, which is your favourite? 

xx- M

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  1. love the Kate Spade chevron!! just did a post on cases too, can't get enough of them! :)

  2. Nice selection. The fifth case is one of my favorites.


  3. love all of them <3
    check out my latest look:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3152

  4. I absolutely love the nail polish and chocolate cases :)


  5. All the cases are nice but which I like most is 4,7,15,17,19 among all.Among these twenty you may have noticed quite a number of black & white coloured ones.

  6. I love all of these iphone cases, and actually have the zebra one haha!

    great post mariana!


  7. OMG!!! I have the first one!! That javier owl is the cutest!! <3 ahh and yes the price is a lil bit high but you could get the same thing from ebay too(just fyi). :)
    I'm trying to collect all the Marc jacobs cute animal phone cases right now!!


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