6 Jun 2013

Blogger Q&A with Mili

There is just something about La fashion bloggers that always gets me falling head over heels. Maybe it's their effortless-looking outfits or their very unique way of pairing common pieces. Nevertheless, this post isn't about big names like Aimee or Rumi but about this gorgeous college student, Mili. Her fashion blog is just one of those that always leaves me craving for more and I'm quite sure it will have that same effect on you! So read on and get to know this self proclaimed TV addict and very stylish gal a little better. 

1. How would you describe your style?
This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but I would describe it as girly tomboy. My daily style consists of dresses ands skirts, paired with more boy-ish elements such as caps and sneakers. I'm not very big on accessorizing, and more than 50% of my closet is black/ navy. Most importantly, comfort is the most important part of my look!

2. What is one item currently on your wishlist? 
A darker pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. I can't believe I haven't bought a pair til recently. I'm in love!

3. Favourite season: 
Fall. You're basically allowed to wear anything your heart desires cause the weather jumps all over the place.

4. Something you will never be caught wearing:
Leather/ faux leather pants. Every time I see some street style girl looking oh so glam in a pair, I cave a little, but then I flashback to the Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in a bathroom unable to pull his leather pants back up. Thus the fear is reinstated and the vow to never put on a pair remains.

5. What are your favourite tv shows at the moment? 
That's a tough call since I watch a lot of televion. The top 3 would be Arrested Development, Sherlock (even though it hasn't be on in for-e-ver), and the Mindy Project. 

6. How do you manage juggling between blogging and college?
The beauty of college is that your schedule is incredibly flexible. You aren't stuck in a classroom strictly from 8-3, 5 days a week. I frequently carry my camera and laptop with me during the day so sometimes I'm able to blog in-between or after class. That being said, college is definitely my number one priority. While I love blogging and all things fashion related, it's not related to my future career goals. But that's my favorite thing about the blogging and fashion community, it's so accessible to all types of people and in varying degrees. You can enjoy it without centering your entire life around it, but on the other hand if it is your life's passion, the option is also available to you.

7. What are your summer must haves? 
A pair of strappy + flat sandals, a loose babydoll dress, a straw hat, and a light wash denim shirt

8. A celebrity icon of yours:
Miranda Kerr

9. What are your favourite places to shop at?
H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Asos, and the closets of my mom/dad/brother. There's a running "joke" in my family that if somebody can't find an article of clothing, my closet is the place to look. 

10. Something you are looking forward to:
Moving into my first apartment. It's almost like I'm a grown up, emphasis on almost.

+ check out Mili's blog here
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  1. this is a great interview! gotta check her blog

    style frontier

  2. Great interview, I love Mili's blog! I'm a new follower, your blog is fab x


  3. She's divine! Great style, it is tough to blog while I am in school I don't know how she does it...


  4. I checked out her blog, I can def see where she is coming from with the 'girly tomboy' style! She has a great style. Thank you for sharing!

    Corinne x

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  6. Great!


  7. Sometimes posters create a mystery and sometimes history.A pair of strappy + flat sandals, a loose babydoll dress, a straw hat, and a light wash denim shirt is just perfect for summer.

  8. I love your blog, definitely following now!



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