18 Jun 2013

Colour popping necklaces for summer

There is just something about "playing it safe" in the way I dress that really annoys me. Minimalist one may say. As much as it does give you some space to breath without you being 'swallowed' by your clothes, it usually ends up feeling boring or in some way - missing something. One solution I've found is to pair my outfits with a statement piece. Even better - a statement necklace. 

Summer Statement Necklaces
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 Not so long ago, all I had ever worn were those pendent necklaces, extremely plain and in other words, they simply didn't add anything special to a look. But then came my (style) resolution. It was to step out of my comfort zone more often and be brave enough to be bold. Okay, so maybe not lady gaga bold but at least trying to move away from the habit of shopping for neutral colours and pieces I'm so used to wearing. It was only very recently that I had purchases my first statement necklace which you can see on my instagram here. It wasn't anything supper extravagant but in that moment I felt like I made some progress (as little as it seems) in the right direction.

As summer is so near, in Singapore it definitely has arrived, I could not resist but pick statement necklaces that reflect some of that summer fun. This means vibrant, saturated hues in florescent oranges, yellows and icy blues. Right now, a statement piece like this is high up on my wishlist as the one real statement piece I own is only in black, silver and gold. The uniqueness of each design paired with their neon colours would be perfect for pairing with my all time favourite summer-uniform: a pair of denim shorts and a striped sleeveless top. Adding that extra and something to the otherwise unexciting outfit.

Are you a fan of statement necklaces?

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xx- M


  1. love the neon necklace so cute!!

    I think you'll love the giveaway on my blog! :)

  2. love the necklesses <3
    check out my latest post:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3161

  3. I'm a big fan of these necklaces. This selection is very nice.


  4. I am obsessed with simple tees, jeans and really chunky, statement necklaces! Love all of these, especially the blue and pink one with the gold chain x


  5. These are on my summer wishlist...now I just need to find some money. Great post there girl.


  6. P.S. I love minimalism. I am not sure why but simplicity is so much fun to wear.

  7. I love your blog, definitely following now!



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