31 Aug 2013

August Wishlist

August Wishlist
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The year in general has been going by so fast, only 4 more months until 2014?! This month has definitely been the busiest for me though. In the mists of studying for finals, project deadlines and the usual craziness that is being a teen, I came across some pieces I really loved. To change things up (not at all) they all fall into the category of monochrome. So read on to know more about why these six pieces are in my black and white August wishlist. 

1. Even though the new school year, starting now for many people, does not apply to me, I really am in need of a new school bag. And what better way to go about it then with black leather? It makes a subtle statement which I love and in addition to that, a backpack like this would look good with not only ma uniform but with many other outfits.

2. Just this week, I was going though my closet and noticed that it lacks some good quality plain t shirts. These shirts came be paired with nearly anything making them the perfect, versatile piece every girl should own. 

3. Being someone who loves playing sports and staying fit, no wonder I like where the recent 'sport chic' trend is going. On of my favourite pieces that have been hitting the stores are these oversized baseball shirts. Great in bringing some of that tomboy flare to any look.

4. I never found white distressed shorts that flattering until fashion blogger Meera flawlessly wore a pair in one of her outfit posts this month. I am convince that this is the ultimate casual piece missing from my closet.

5. Creepers. A shoe that people either love or cringe when they see. These were extremely popular back in the 70s punk era and now are rising in fashion once again. I had not paid much attention to these up to now. But, seeing so many outfits paired with them lately, have gotten me interested.

6. Four years living in Asia have really allowed me to appreciate more deeply pieces influenced by the cultures here. So you can't imagine how much I liked this simple black and white iPhone case with this Japanese wave print. This needs to find it's way to my phone and quick!

What do you think about these items? 
What have you been wishing for this August?



  1. Absolutely love everything in your wish list and that iphone case is a must-have!!

    Loving your polyvore sets as well, haha!

    Nicole and Eli

  2. Love you bag choice,I was just talking about one like that on Twitter
    Deejay Speaks

  3. Excellent bag choice. Have you tried BDG t-shirts? They're always on sale at Urban Outfitters and are my favorite, most comfortable tees.

  4. You know to be elegant and casual at the same time, it's wonderful :)

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know I'll be follow you!



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