27 Nov 2013

In Good Company | DFW SS '14

So now that you have seen what I wore to digital fashion week, here is what went down. Digital Fashion Week Singapore, which deputed just last year, is the world's first ever shoppable live stream. Where not only can you watch all the shows in real time from the comfort of your home but you also get to see exclusive interviews and a peak at what happens in preparation for the shows backstage

After watching digital fashion week online last year, it was a pleasant change to be able to experience this great event in person. I got to attend the Singaporean label In Good Company's first ever fashion show, showcasing their third capsule collection. I have to admit that I did not know about this label before DFW. Then again, this is what is so amazing about this fashion week: being able to discover and fall in love with so many awesome local and international labels.

In Good Company's show started with models showcasing crisp white ensembles and I found that this clean, polished aesthetic resonated in every piece throughout the collection. The pieces in this collection were very structured and had well tailored, boxy and masculine silhouettes. A refreshing change in my opinion from the very feminine spring summer pieces we see so often on the runways and in stores.

As the show progressed, the colour scheme transitioned to darker cooler shades which still remained simple enough, allowing the unique cuts and details to stand out. Details included the brand's signature 'string' necklines on casual pieces. As well as ruffles and foldings which was done in a tasteful manner, keeping it casual and wearable. All this contributed to the simplicity of this collection which was so well complemented by the sleek minimal makeup and pulled back hair.

I truly enjoyed the show, however the music choices could have been better. Opening the show with Robin Thicke's song 'Blurred Lines' (in my pinion a very overrated horrible song) was unnecessary and put me off a little. As fellow fashion blogger Nicole stated so well, it quite frankly left a bad impression at the start such a great show. Apart from that, I was very impressed with In Good Company's collection and I look forward to seeing what this young label creates next

What do you like about this collection?



  1. I love the collection! Very simple and classic. I am jealous you get to watch, must be really nice.

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  2. Simplicity is really the best! :)


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