17 Nov 2013

November Wishlist

November wishlist

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So November is upon us and with that comes the (semi) freedom of the holidays. Even better, it gives me the opportunity to really just make my own schedule, which I take full advantage of. Other than finally getting to sleep in, I've gotten the chance to surf a little more, online surfing that is. The result of that, well, finding more things to add to my wishlist. So here it is, the bits and pieces I found put in a much more organized way. 

1. I've been eyeing this white leather rucksack ever since I saw it on Instagram. It seems big enough to work as a school bag (you can never be too ready for the new school year) and it's gorgeous enough to wear out. Versatility and beauty, that's all I need from a bag. 

2. I think this item talks for itself. How doesn't want a scented macaroon shaped pink coin purse?? Just me? Okay.

3. IT by Alexa Chung. The one book everybody is talking about and after hearing (and reading) so many great things about it I feel as if I need to see for myself. But, I'm pretty sure I'll love it!

4. Nike Run free. I'm starting to run slightly more than usual nowadays (yesterday I was in a 9 km race!) and with new goals I'm feeling like some new Nikes. I've hear so much rave about these so why not give these a shot? Oh and they look so good I could wear them out to!

5. Oh Chloé wallet. How I hope one day you will be mine. In bright gorgeous colours and a stunning design, this wallet has got me dreaming. 

6. Last but not least, these Isabel Marant pour H&M cropped pants. If I had to pick only one item from the collection, these would probably be it. I'm just so in love with all things white at the moment ( I just got two new white shorts the other week) and these would be a perfect addition to the family. Marant's easy going LA vibe is definitely what I need.

Which of these are you adding to your wishlist? 

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  1. That coin purse is really cute and I love a fresh pair of Nikes! Congrats on your Tumblr success :)


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