8 Nov 2013

the 3 Minimalistic Instagrams you need to follow!

I just need to put it out there - I'm a complete Instagram addict. And I wouldn't be surprise if you are too! As it is evident in the many people we follow, the fashion industry has completely embraced this relatively new app. We have taken over! From big fashion houses to fashion bloggers, whether it may be to share moments of our lives or to just get lost in time scrolling down our feeds. Instagram to me is always a sweet escape. To connect with others who may be on the other side of the world while also fulfilling my thirst for inspiration. So here are three of my absolute favourite blogger Instagrams accounts, that all have one thing in common - fashion and simplicity at it's best.

Ashley Bei @Ashleux 
"Visual escape artist in Singapore - http://www.frshmilk.com"

Capturing the best of Singapore in bite size luxurious photos of splendid fashion and stunning sceneries. This account really makes me want to walk in her shoes (literally too! Check out those heels!) You can expect to see outfit shots from her newest blog posts, to die for fashion purchases and mouth-watering minimalistic shots of foods and drinks.  

Maria Van Nguyen @Vscent 
"Oslo / New York Design student at Parsons http://rodeo.net/maria"

The most stunning selection of minimalistic photos, documenting the life of this Norwegian beauty in New York as she juggles between being a design student as well as a sales assistant at Acne Studios and an intern with THE ROW. You can expect to see some of Maria's beautiful original designs, serene snaps from her museum visits and the best of New York - Basketball games, concerts and interesting little corners, often in a classic black and white filter. 

Ivania Carpio @love_asethetics
"The Netherlands / Blogger / Product developer / www.love-asthetics.nl "

If you're anything like me and love everything in the shade of white, then you're in luck! On Ivania's Instagram you will find an array of pictures from her ingenious diy projects to her impeccable taste for clothing. All in beautiful and dreamy minimalistic photos with lots and lots of white. It is a wonderful showcases of the beauty in simplicity and in the shade of white; letting it be the star of the show. 

What do you think of these Instagrams? 



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll definitely check out these instagrams! Love this post xx
    The Green Raybans

  2. follow me too :)



  3. I am absolutely in love with these accounts! Thank you for sharing :)

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com


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