11 Jan 2014

Victoria Beckham | SS '14

This is probably the millionth time you will see me talk about a collection that consists of ninety percent monochrome but I think that's okay. I've been told before that I play safe with the colours I wear. However this year I want to just embrace that a little more. Accepting the fact that I will always  be easily swept away from the simplest of colour combos. The simplest of them all? (yes. you probably have guessed it!) None other than the main colour focus in Victoria Beckham's Spring Summer 2014 collection - black and white. 

I've been a fan of Victoria Beckham's collection for a while now. For the effortless glamour achieved in such minimalistic, sleek and body-hugging pieces but this season we see such a pleasant change. Arguably this collection has much more edge. Swaying away from the 'uptown' girl look, which she is so know for, to a more downtown cool girl vibe. Beautifully though, all the ensembles remain refined and crisp. A whole lot more risks were taken in this collection. One of the main examples of this are the pieces that moved more away from the body. Experimentation with volume took flight in the form of the sleek rounded jackets, the boxy vests, the tailored cropped trousers as well as the more A-line dresses and tunics. 

Beckham mentioned how this collection has a "feminine wave" running throughout it. Which I love as it balances out the more boxy pieces in the collection. This feminine aspect comes to play in the form of the ruffles and pleats that were cleverly incorporated into the collection with layering. One of the best details of the whole collection, in my opinion, were the diagonal hems revealing fine pleats below. These could be seen throughout the collection, adding that feminine flair and ease.  

The boy-meets-girl vibe could also be seen with the more sheer materials she used. These sporty chic  jackets added to a younger and more coll vibe. These pieces remained put together though when paired with the well tailored and crisp trousers and voluminous flared skirts.

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As well as working on 'shape' in a conceptional way in this collection, Beckham also focused on it on a literal way. A lot of the visual interest of the collection comes from these triangular and squares applications onto the sleek organza bases of button downs shirts.

 Other then the timeless hues of black, white and icy grey there was an organic addition of brighter colour. These consisted of shades of red- from pink to burgundy adding some life and personality to the overall collection. Overall I would say that this Spring Summer collection gives me very little to complain about. I truly enjoy how Beckham didn't try to do too many different things here. Which was a very good approach as the end product turned out looking thoroughly refined. (pieces I would definitely purchase...if I wan't on a student budget, that is.)

What are your thoughts on this collection?

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  1. It's gorgeous! Love the sheer details on the white blouses x


  2. absolutely love this collection! I've always been a fan of Victoria Beckham's clothes, and this collection is actually gorgeous!

    i have a post up on the blog and would love to hear your thoughts!

  3. Love how refreshing this collection looks ! Especially the mixed burgundy, red, pink and white piece. The collar really adds that chic touch, love it ! I could definitely see myself wearing similar pieces this Spring ! Winters are too long here..haha :) x



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